Planned Chaos January Planner Kit

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Hey there!!!

Today I have another planner post for you.  I know everyone and their family is all about Erin Condren planners and Plum Paper Planners and every other planner under the sun.  I have been using mine since October and it has really helped me stay focused.  I mainly use it for blogging and for crossfit.  I find it easier to track my results that way.

A lot of people are super into decorating their planners, they use TONS of washi tape, stickers, post it notes, and other doo dads.  If that is you then you need to be on the list for this service.  I have already paid for my February subscription (which should be here soon!)  This subscription has a wide array of items for you planner, keep reading to see what I got!

First up is a dashboard for your planner.  These are often used to hold sticky notes or write lists on.  This one looks like an iPad and is from  Let me be completely honest on this one, I would pass.  It's cute but I found it to be on the flimsy side.  However, there is a LOT of other cute stuff in there so check her out. 

This is the collection of random items she picked out.  There are a couple pieces of washi tape, some super cute paper clips and some candy. I am going to be using that washi for Valentine's Day!

There is a packet of stickers from  There are some Instagram stickers and some RAK stickers.  Her shop is closed while she gears up for new stuff.  There was a coupon in there so I will be visiting the shop when it reopens.  I probably won't use the IG ones, I use IG too much but I love sending RAK's out so these are perfect to keep track of that. 

One Orange Snowflake, contributed these two sets of stickers to the kit.  I can't wait to decorate birthdays and other fun days with these banner stickers.   I can use the telephone stickers to remind me of places I need to call and the phone number to use.  Like when I need to call the doctor's office, I can never remember their number!

This assortment of stickers is from Crystal & Co,   

Last is my favorite part of the kit, a planner band!  I haven't had one of these before so I was super duper happy to get it.  Not only does this hold your planner shut, it holds pens on it too!!!!  There are three spots on the front of this for you to slip pens into!  The hardest part for me, is narrowing down what pens to put there.

You can see that the band is large all the way around.  Nice and thick to hold it shut!

That's my January kit from Planned Chaos!  If you want more information or to get on the waiting list, just visit: Planned Chaos Facebook Group  It is $20 plus $4.50 for each month or $60 for three months!
Everything is done through the group!

****Product was sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own****

Lynnderella As Above, So Holo

**I bought this**

Hey there!   I have a super duper quick and simple post for you.
I hope that if you are on the east coast and about to get hammered with snow that you are safe and warm.  We get lots of snow here so I know how it goes.  Thankfully we have lots of equipment to move the snow so it doesn't slow us down much.

Let's get to the mani.  This manicure turned out half awful, half great. Read on to find out what was what.

 I was able to get my hands on my very first special edition Lynnderella polish and it is called As Above, So Holo.  It is a mix of holo glitters in a sparkly micro glitter base.  Shape Shifter is my number one Lynderella polish EVER so when I saw this one I knew I had to have it.

But once I had it, I had to figure what to layer it over.  Since I had gotten in three of the Ulta exclusive China Glaze polishes I figured one of them would be good.  I picked the light blue out of them and it is called Cons-Ulta My Manicurist.

Cons-Ulta My Manicurist was AWFUL to apply.  It was a streaky nasty mess.  Thankfully the glitter covered up the bad parts! I applied two coats for the photos below.

I topped that with two coats of As Above, So Holo.  Thankfully As Above, So Holo was so packed with glitter that it was a breeze to apply.  I didn't have to fish for the glitter and sometimes I had too much.   I topped it all off with Glossy Glam from Rica.


Just beautiful!
While this one isn't for sale right now you can find more of Lynnderella lovelies here:

What's your favorite Lynnderella polish???