Jior Couture Scents of Spring Review

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Good Evening!!!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  My son is on the mend so that's a good thing.  His spring break is this week so he can rest up while he is home.

My post today is five polishes from the Jior Couture Scents of Spring collection.  The entire collection is 13 polishes in total.  There are six duos and a glitter topper.  In each duo there is a shimmery polish and a creme polish.  The shimmery polish in each duo is scented!!!! Plus the names even go together! As an example in the yellow duo, the yellow creme is called Citrus and the matching yellow shimmer is called Grove.

These are all available for purchase right now at the Jior Couture website.  (Jior Couture) for $7.50 each.  It's a great price for a great polish.

Let's take a look at the one I just mentioned, Citrus.  Citrus is a yellow shimmer polish that has a light citrus scent.  I knew from the moment the brush touched my nails that this was scented like citrus.  If you are sensitive to smells then this is not the polish for you. I loved it, but I love scented things.  This is also two coats.  I was surprised that I had no problems with this color.  Y'all know that yellow can often be a pain, but  I am happy to say that this was just fine.

This is two coats of Citrus over Orly Bonder and topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.

Next is Magnolia.  Magnolia is a frosty white (Jior Couture has this labeled as pearl) polish that has a light scent of magnolias.  This one was not as overpowering as the citrus one.  I had no issues with this polish, it applied easily. The one thing that I didn't care for was how sparkly my cuticles were after cleanup. It was like I couldn't get rid of those pesky tiny particles of shimmer. I have two coats here over Orly Bonder and topped with HK Girl.

Nectar is the last of the scented polishes that I was sent.  Nectar is a pastel blue shimmer polish (Jior Couture has this listed as pearly shimmer pastel blue). The scent on this is a light sweet scent.  Jior has it labeled as a light sweet nectar scent.  I am not 100% sure what nectar is supposed to smell like, so I am just going to call it sweet.  This is two coats as well. Over Bonder and topped with HK Girl.  No issues with application on this one either.  

I had one creme polish in the bunch and that one is called Fresh.  I really wasn't expecting to like this one a ton but man I loved this once I got it on.  I didn't want to take it off.  They call this a medium slight teal toned green.  I myself didn't see any teal in this, but I am not trained in color detection.  TO me it was a bright kelly green.  It is more of a crelly than a creme. I didn't think that two coats was going to make it opaque, but it did!!!   You can still see some visible nail line, but this color is totally worth it.  This is over Orly Bonder and topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.

The last of the bunch is Sprung.  Spring is the lone glitter polish in this collection.  Jior Couture describes this as light cotton candy pink shimmer and pink, yellow and gold glitter with a light cotton candy scent.  I layered this over Zoya Taylor.  I used two coats of Sprung over Taylor.  Be careful with this one you guys.  I had to make sure that I shook this up a lot in order to get that glitter moving.  Perhaps sitting it upside down for a bit would help.  I also didn't notice a scent to this one, so obviously it isn't overpowering.  The shimmer in this polish is amazing and I would like to try it over other colors.  The shimmer payout if just wonderful.  The glitter, not so much.

That's my latest installment of polishes from Jior Couture.  I loved the Scents of Spring collection.  I think that I need to scoot over and pick up some of those matching cream polishes.

Speaking of you call them cream or creme??? I have been guilty of using both.

****Products sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own****

Foreign Polish... A little bit late

Hey guys!!!

I know it's Sunday and things have been quiet on the blog for a few days.  But, my four year old son has been sick.  He is currently recovering from pneumonia and an ear infection.  Obviously, my first priority is him so my blogging took the back seat while I was taking care of him.

But I do have another foreign polish for you this week. I figured better late than never.

Today's polish is from Catrice.  This one is called Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! It is a deep dusty navy blue.  I used two coats of this and had no problems with application.  I probably could have gotten away with just one coat of it had I been a bit more careful with it.  But I always like to do at least two coats anyway.  Just a personal preference.  

For some reason my index finger looks like the polish is scratched, but it really isn't.  I don't know what happened to cause that in the photos.  

Like I previously mentioned, this is two coats of Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! over Duri Rejuvacote and I topped it with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.

There we have it :) 
I am going to try to get more posts up this week, I need to play catch up now!

Have you bought anything foreign lately???