KBShimmer Summer 2015 Glitters

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Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

Guess who finally out smarted their updated computer! MEEEEEE!!!   This damn thing updated itself at some point and I spent a long long long time trying to edit pictures and then they were inaccessible when I tried to upload them.  I wanted these polishes up BEFORE the release date but I couldn't get this figured out.  So here we are, I got it to work!!!!


Today I have three of the glitter polishes from the latest release for KBShimmer.   There are so many polishes this release that I want to save up and get.

All color descriptions are provided by KBShimmer, and the topcoat for all polishes is Clearly On Top which is also made by KBShimmer.

First up today I have Pink-A-Colada, this is "a violet leaning pink crelly polish with holographic glitters in lime green, light blue and pink" .  I have used three coats here and you can see that it is full coverage.  No fishing for glitter, the formula was fantastic and I was able to wear this well without chips.

Next up is Vitamin Sea, this is "an aqua jelly polish with pink, silver, and micro holographic glitters". Due to the jelly nature of this polish it is a bit sheer as you can see.  I have two coats shown here and there is still a lot of visible nail line.  If this bothers you, then add another coat.  Visible nail line isn't an issues for me so I wore it like this.  No fishing for glitter and it wore well.

Last up is my favorite of the three, it's the top coat Precious Petals. This is a "glitter top coat with neon pink, purple, white and aqua glitters in a clear base".  This will look good on top of any of the newly released cream polishes, or any polish for that matter!!!  I have two coats of Precious Petal shown over Sarong Place Sarong Time. No fishing for glitter here and it wore well.  No issues with formula on this!

Do you like any of these?
Have you placed an order for any new polishes yet?

These are all available for purchase right now, so head on over!!!!

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****Polish was provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****

Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask Courtesy of BrandBacker

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Hi there and hope that you have been having a good week.  Had to break out by winter coat for today.   Don't think that it made it past 45 today.  So so cold.  I mean seriously, what the heck!

Today I have a skin care post for you.  I have been SO much better regarding taking care of my skin.  I used to not give two hoots about it but I realize I need to cherish it if I want it to look good later in life.  Trust me, I am not getting any younger.  

When I saw this opportunity for a dead sea mud mask I was intrigued enough to try it.  I had heard lots of good things in general about dead sea mud here and there so I figured why not.  I am very very happy that I did.

Pure & Essential Minerals provides this information regarding the benefits of the product.
Here are just a few examples: 

1. Dead Sea Mud Mask Removes Dead Skin Cells - the natural silica found in the black mud hardens on the skin once you apply the mask. This step allows the mask to extract toxins and impurities located deep in the skin layers, and also to attach to dead skin cells. After washing it all off the result is clear looking skin, with clean pores and even skin tone. 

2. Dead Sea Mud Mask Can Help with Acne - thanks to its therapeutic effect, this mask is a real life saver if you suffer from acne, black heads and breakouts. Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask contains natural minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium, which are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse the skin.

3. Dead Sea Mud Mask Stimulates Circulation - when blood circulation is poor it leads to an uneven skin tone, patches on the skin, and may even cause wrinkles. By applying a weekly facial mud mask you can dramatically increase blood flow to your skin cells and achieve a healthier and plumper looking skin.

You can read more about it and order here:  Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

Here's a look at the jar of mud!  You get a TON of product, obviously I have used this one already just keep that in mind!

You can see that this has a nice smooth consistency.  Well it looks exactly like what it says it is.....mud.

It is VERY easy to smooth out on the skin here as you can see.  Just apply a medium sized layer to your skin. Let it dry for about ten minutes and then wash off with warm water. Easy peasy.

I use masks about once a week so I would not recommend using this more than once a week.  They also say the same on their page.  Once removed this made my skin feel fantastic.  It gave me a nice deep clean feeling.   You get a ton of product for the price, you will get lots of masks from the one jar.  

If love deep cleaning masks then give this one a shot!

****Product was provided for review courtesy of BrandBacker all opinions are 100% my own****