And then there was yet another nail blog.....

Soooo....yes, yet another nail blog. I have begun to feel like I need a place to chat about my new nail polish addiction. (I didn't want my online girls to be subjected to a ton of pictures all the time) It all started with the OPI Muppet collection. It was then that I stumbled upon this whole new world of make up and nail blogs. I became an addict. One blog would lead to another blog, and another, and another. Talk about a time suck. I spent hours reading and drooling over polishes.

I have to be honest, I had no clue that there were that many lines of nail polish out there, let alone all the indie brands. I saw so many pretties out there. I had to own them all. Ans so it began...I would see a particular, find out it was popular and then I figured I had to have it. Damn peer pressure...if other people had it and said how great it was then I should have it.

A rather full helmer I am.

If its a hard to find polish...all the better for me try to to hunt it down. Nothing like stalking an etsy site trying to snag the latest and greatest in the polish world. What a rush.

I have found that I gravitate towards the indie brands, I own so many of them and I am constantly adding to my stash. There are so many unique lines out there that I just CANNOT resist them. My wallet hates me, because I have no willpower.

I am just starting out with this and we shall see where it takes me...