I Love Absolutely Alice and My August Birchbox

Howdy folks! A super quick post! I want to share with you a super popular OPI polish that is somewhat hard to find. It's called Absolutely Alice and man is she a stunner. I was able to get this polish in a swap with a friend. Unfortunately, I did this mani on Tuesday night and here it is Thursday and I just now took a picture of it. There is some serious tip wear going on and some chips are starting to occur. But I will show you the one picture I got of this. I really have to get better with taking pictures. I'm just starting out so I am sure they will get better.

I really hope to do a repeat of this mani sometime soon because it is so pretty. In the sunlight it's so shiny!

The next thing I was to share is my August Birchbox. If you aren't familiar with this service, it's a sample subscription service. You pay $10 a month (including shipping) and you receive a box full of awesomeness every month. They send you deluxe sized samples of high end brands. I have been a subscriber since January and while every single month hasn't been all sunshine and roses, I have been happy thus far.

The theme for this month is back to school. My box had DDF Brightening Cleanser. I have never heard of this line but I am happy to try it. Thankfully my skin is not sensitive at all (at least until now) so I usually try everything they send. I also got a vial of the newest perfume from Juicy Couture called Viva La Juicy La Fleur. This. Is. Amazing. I love this scent. So much so that I am going to ask for some for Christmas (It is not pictured as I was already using it). I received two large packets of Miss Jessie's Original Pillow Soft lotion, for hair. It is supposed to make curls look great. Since I have curly hair this will be something I will look forward to using. My hair frizzes easy so we shall see what this does. The final item was a tub from Whish of Three Wishes Body Butter. The scent on this is lovely. I put it on right away and was very happy with it. The girls at work were all raving about the scent as well.

You will see in the picture that there is a razor in there. That was an extra item that everyone got. I am happy to get it as razors are expensive!

Perhaps I will do a follow up post with my opinion as I try things.
Would that interest anyone?

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  1. One day, ONE GLORIOUS DAY I shall have AA.

    Until then...I gave you a shiny! http://www.thepolishedzombie.com/2012/08/multitude-of-manis.html