NAIL MAIL!!! I also need to learn some self restraint

Well in the past couple days I have received some nail mail. My Overall Beauty order FINALLY came in. I was able to snag a couple Dollish Polishes!! YAY! I love her stuff so much. I got Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto and Sweet Dreams Are Made of Glitter. They looked good on line, but in person I was amazed.

I am already wearing Domo. Two thin coats over NYC Sidewalkers. I put it on Monday night and today I had a couple chips. I am hard on my nails and generally polishes don't last that long on me, so I am not a good comparison for wear time. I am working on finding a good top coat/base coat combo that works for me. Trial and error I guess.

I also received in the mail, the It Girl Julep Mystery Box. My awesome friend Melissa ordered it for me and I was very impressed. It had a total of five bottles in it. A top coat and four colors. The colors are Sandra, Charlotte, Megan, and some weird green color that looks AWFUL in the bottle. Don't have anything similar to these in my stash so they are welcome additions. Not a bad value for $19.

Last item on the list is a couple things I grabbed at TJ Maxx. I was able to get a two pack of Barielle items for $6.99. I got a base coat and a top coat. I also got a Cynthia Rowley polish for $2.49. Not to shabby. I REALLY need to get on the wagon with trying polishes out. I seem to buy, and buy, and buy an never use them. Must remedy that!!!

Til next time
That's all folks!

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