Yay For Free or Cheap Polish!!!

Today we went on an adventure to Destiny USA. Aka Carousel Center Mall. Thanks to GAP I had a $5 gift card that they sent via Wrapp. (Wrapp is an app that you can use to send your friends free gift cards) After an awesome lunch at Dinosaur Barbeque we headed to the mall. First stop was to Forever 21 where we did not grab any polishes. They didn't have much of a selection, not impressed today.

However, GAP was a different story. They still had some three packs of polish on sale for $6.99. Total at the check out was $2.15. Not to shabby for three polishes. The red shimmer is called Pepper, the gold is Sparkle, and the red creme is Ruby.

Next up was Sephora, I won't bore you with my purchase (no polish was in that). What I was able to grab was the 500 point perk from OPI. Included in the package is a base coat, top coat, and the color Iris I Was Thinner, as well as polish remover. So that was free!!!!

I also went to a beauty supply store and picked up the one China Glaze bohemian polish that I had been wanting. I snagged Rare & Radiant.

All in all I think I did good for the day. Not too much money spent and I came home with a lot of pretties!

I did order 4 more swatchsicle packs last night off of eBay as well as a couple more Korean polishes. Post to follow for those. It' hilarious, trust me!

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