NOTD: Liquid Lacquer Belle of the Ball

Well Blogger ate my first attempt at posting this. Jerk. Let's try this again...

Today I have another Liquid Lacquer polish for you. This one is called Belle of the Ball, and is a nod to Beauty and the Beast. And yes it IS a beauty. Heh heh. I think this would be a wonderful blingy polish to wear to the office if you are required to have a more conservative look. Thankfully my employer has not restricted my polish in any way (yet). I think it is because I always make sure that my nails look good, no chips or anything of that sort. I try my best to have them look good, even if I am wearing something adventurous.

So far I have been beyond thrilled with all of my purchases from Liquid Lacquer. I have many more to share with you. I am currently waiting on the Halloween collection to arrive. Word on the street is that it is going to be shipping out soon. Once I have them in hand, they WILL be on these nails.

This bottle if packed full of glitter and I had no problems getting it out of the bottle. There were some white hex glitter in there that was a tad bit stubborn but a few did come out and make an appearance.

Here it is over an unnamed ELF polish from Target.

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