Sonoma Nail Art - Here Lies Robert

Good Evening Everyone!!

Today I have the other Sonoma Nail Art polish that I ordered in their last restock. This one is Here Lies Robert, and I am in love. I grabbed this polish because for some reason, it reminded me of the ride The Haunted Mansion at Disney World. So of course I had to get it. I am so super happy that I did. This polish is super gorgeous.

I tried very hard to get a true representation of this polish in the pictures, but they just don't do this polish justice. It is a mix of black, silver, and green glitter. Lots of different shapes, micro glitter, bar glitter, diamonds (!), squares, and of course hexes. I layered this over Essence Colour & Go Grey-t To Be Here.
I wish I would have taken a picture of this all by itself because it was a dream. The two coats went on smoothly and it has this shimmer to it that is awesome. It's almost like a purple shimmer.

Let's just let the pictures do alllllll the talking....

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  1. I love that! the little bits of green really set everything off!