Jade Diamond Twist

Hey there!

Today I have for you one of the newest Jades to hit the states.  We've all seen the holographic ones around the internet so now it's on to the diamond ones.  I ordered a couple from Ninja Polish, I got Twist and Velvet.  I have a lot of purples so the green one won out when it came time to choose a mani. These are not three free so taking a whiff brings me back in the day when polish used to have that strong chemical smell, so keep that in mind if you are trying to stay three free.  

This polish is very sheer and I needed three coats of this to achieve full opacity.

It was a beautiful beautiful polish to wear, but it didn't even last a day.  I had tip wear and chips not 24 hours into wearing it.  It's not like I went out of the house!

Let it also be noted that this polish is also a close match to Zoya Charla and Color Club Metamorphasis.

So all in all it was pretty but it was a let down.  I was expecting so much more out of this polish.
Maybe, just maybe, the purple one will fare better.  I will keep you posted as soon as I wear that one.

Should you want to check out Jade polishes you can find them here Ninja Polish
Shipping is priced well and shipping time is great.

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  1. Oh, that's a shame about the poor wear, really, 'cause it's a very pretty polish. I cross my fingers that the purple is better!