Nerd Lacquer Antisocial Media

Happy Tuesday Everyone  :)

Today I have a polish from a line that a lot of people are talking about.  Nerd Lacquer.
As some of (read most of) you know there once was a master of nail lacquer named Amanda.  She was a mixing genius and her polishes wore like iron.  The polishes were beautiful, wonderful and were themed about all things NERD! People would stalk her store online and things were known to sell out within minutes.

Then one day she was gone.  Fell off the radar completely and no one knew where she went.

Well folks, she is back.  She explained her very personal situation on her Google+ page and you can read more about it here.  I am not going to go into the who's or whys of her life, nor am I going to get into the business end of things.  I am going to think that she will reveal more about the situation when she is ready.  Until then I have one of her pretties to share, this one is Antisocial Media.

This is two coats with one coat of Posche.  It is a gorgeous teal full of blue and light green/silver hexes and a fine silver shimmer.

I hope she is up and running fairly soon and I love her products. I thankfully own seven of them but would love to add more!

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