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Good morning and HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!

I have been up doing some shopping this morning and I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. 
I you aren't aware of Ebates and you are planning on doing any of your holiday shopping online then listen up ;)

This website has links for many major retailers where you get a percent back on your online purchases.  I just got 8% back on my Sephora order.  You can opt for a paper check or to get it back via Paypal. The next payout is in February of next year, but I figure hey, money is money. 

Apparently even Ebay is on there, wish I had known that because...dang I have been doing a lot there.
And poop....apparently Amazon is on there right now for 4%...I have been doing that even more.

Saving FAIL on my part.

So here is my link and start saving you guys!!! Just think of those checks as extra polish money!!!!
(Or how about them PAYING you for buying polish!)
I think you also get a bonus gift card when you sign up

Ebates Sign Up

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  1. Raaa!! LOL I forgot about ebates and just ordered from Best Buy and Amazon last week :(