Torani Syrups Review

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I know I know, I haven't been posting lately but it's been super busy and the blog is the first thing to go.  I have been doing my nails but they have been chipping and peeling something awful. I think I will do a post of recent manis to share with you, but today I have something totally different. 

Right before Thanksgiving I received a couple bottles of syrups courtesy of Torani and SheSpeaks.  If you like coffee then you are probably familiar with coffee syrups and with Torani.  The bloggers who were signed up for the program were two receive two bottles and we didn't know what flavors we were going to get.  I got Salted Caramel and Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie.  YAY!  Two of my favorite flavors.  I have recently gotten into the salted caramel craze (Trader Joes has some AMAZING ones) and I always love pumpkin pie. 

I am a coffee-aholic I have two Keurig machines. I have the regular one and the Vue.  Love love love them.
I drink coffee at all hours of the day. I drink it in the morning on the way to work and while I am at work, and then when I get home I often have some at night too.   Before you say anything about it keeping me up, don't worry it doesn't stop me from going to sleep.

My husband and I have both had a chance to try both of these syrups out and the are BOTH fantastic.  I can't even tell that the pumpkin pie syrup is sugar free, so that's a bonus to me.  A side note about pumpkin, as well all know once the holiday season starts the pumpkin flavors come out EVERYWHERE.  I for one do not care for a lot of them (Dunkin Donuts I am looking at you) they taste almost soapy to me, this one did not have that flavor to me. It was just right nice and spicy and a perfect flavor for the holidays.

Let's take a peek at some pictures shall we...

The coffee station:

The coffee area:
The syrups:

I would personally like to add more of these to my collection. I am not a baker so I haven't tried these in anything else other than coffee but I know a lot of people are doing just that.

I am having a nice cup of pumpkin pie coffee right now I am off to enjoy it.

*This blog post was sponsored by SheSpeaks and Torani. However the content and opinions expressed are all mine.

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