Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream

     Look guys, two posts in one day!!!   This one however is sponsored by SheSpeaks and they sent me this product to try and to review so here is my review of it.  If anyone is curious about SheSpeaks you can sign up here: Sign up for SheSpeaks.

     I was sent the Loreal B.B. cream to try out, the one I selected was the "Fair" shade.  Let it be said right now that I have a HORRIBLE time trying to find any foundation that will match my skin tone.  I am so pale that I swear I am almost see through.  Everything is generally too dark for me.  I really appreciate the girls at Sephora that usually help me out with this.  The catch with this cream is that it is supposed to magically match  to your skin color.

     The Magic Skin Beautifier is supposed to do four things: prime, perfect, hydrate, and correct.  Does is do all of this AND match my skin. Well, no, I don't think it does.  Let's begin discussing my journey into this cream.   First off let me start with the smell and the consistency of this cream.  It is very very grainy.  This, I am sure, is due to the spheres in the cream that are supposed to match the right shade of your skin.  According to the packaging they are "beauty beads" encapsulated pigments infused in an ultra-light lotion with antioxidants Vitamin C & E.  Whatever they are, I don't really care for them.  Secondly, the smell of this is terrible.  It stinks so dang bad it's not even funny.  Very silicone like.  Those two issues aside, I honestly like it.  It seems a little dry so I don't feel like it is very moisturizing, but it does cover well.

     Does this match my skin tone? Well it mostly does, there is no huge line of demarcation on my chin, so I consider it a win.  My face tends to be red and this covered up nicely.  I would buy this again myself when this runs out.  I am willing to put up with the smell and texture because of the coverage it gives me.  It's nice without being too think or obvious.  I don't feel that it's doing any moisturizing, but that may be just me.
Final verdict: Buy it!  Just beware of the smell and texture.

Close up of the beads and texture:

It stays white while you rub it in:

 Almost all rubbed in:

(This product was provided to me for review but the opinions are mine all mine)

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