New Day New Mani Featuring Cuccio Colours

Well everyone, sadly Bit Faker lasted only one day. It chipped last night, so of course the nails HAD to be redone.  

I decided to try out a new to me brand called Cuccio Colour. My best friend Melissa recently went on a shopping spree and brought me back a ton of polishes and these were two of them.  ( They weren't all Cuccio, she got me OPIs, Jessica's, China Glaze polishes and more)

The teal is Make A Wish In Rome and the purple is Eye Candy in Miami. 
the teal was thin and patchy on the first coat but the second coat made it perfect. The purple was a jelly and this was three coats.  They dried fast even before I got a coat of HK Girl on them. 

 I added some dots!



 As for where to buy it?  I'm not really sure. I would check your local nail supply store. I would purchase more if I found them. 


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