DIFFERENTdimension Stronger

Hey there!

Today I have another polish from the Set It Free collection, Stronger, that was provided to me by Missi from DIFFERENTdimension.  

I am so in love with these holographic polishes, they are truly fantastic (and so is she!)  
Today's polish is a lovely blue holographic polish that flashes purple.  It is seriously a stunner.  
It was another one of those polishes that kept distracting me and I found myself often staring at my hands.

For informational purposes: I put this on Saturday afternoon, and it is now Tuesday night and I have had my first tiny chips in it.  However, I am VERY hard on my nails. Between my job and my three year old I am not easy on my nails.  Considering this is holographic, that is amazing to me.

Missi's description of this is: "Stronger is a blue leaning periwinkle scattered holographic polish with hints of different colors reflected in the light. It looks amazing by itself or layered over other colors."

The pictures below are three coats (as it was a bit sheer), over one coat of Orly Bonder with one coat of Poshe as my topcoat.  I tried very hard to get a good picture of the purple flash.  I hope you like my pictures!!!

                                                  Outside in the sun!!!

                                                   Fluorescent lighting

Stronger is available right now on Etsy ($10 for a full sized bottle, or $15 for the trio set of minis) Etsy shop!

You can find DIFFERENTdimension on Facebook: HERE!

**********This product was provided to me for review, the opinions are 100% my own************