DIFFERENTdimension Wide Awake

Anyone else start singing the song after they read the title? Because I know I do every time I read it.

Today is the last of the Set It Free collection polishes that Missi from DIFFERENTdimension sent me for review.  I am eyeing a bunch of other polishes from her shop and once I replenish my polish fund you may find some more here.

Today I have Wide Awake on. It is a pale pink holographic polish and it is super appropriate for the office (in case you are looking for a holo that fits that bill)  I put this on on Tuesday and this is Saturday and I just took it off.  It held up so well. I was very impressed.  The pictures below are three coats as this was the sheerest of the trio.  A coat of Orly Bonder was my base coat and I used Poshe as my top coat.

This is Missi's description "Wide Awake is a light pink scattered holographic polish with hints of different colors reflected in the light (a hot pink 'flash'). It looks amazing by itself or layered over other colors."

I had no issues with application and it was a lovely polish to work with.

On to the pictures!

As of right now the entire collection is available in her shop : Etsy Shop
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******This product was provided to me for review, all opinions are 100% my own***********

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