Indigo Bananas Cake or Death

Thank you for flying Church of England, Cake or Death?

Let it be known right now that Eddie Izzard is my all time favorite comedian. Ever. I could listen to him all day. When I heard that Indigo Banana had an Eddie Izzard line, I KNEW I had to have them. 
I purchased three of them to start but I hope to get the other two later. I snagged Executive Transvestite, Cake or Death, and Do You Have A Flag?.  
I asked for some opinions on what to use first and Cake or Death won. 
The pictures below are two coats over Orly Bonder and a top coat of HK Girl. 

It was a somewhat easy application. Standard application for a holographic polish. I didn't have to fight this polish at all. 

This first three pictures are inside and the last one is outside in the sun. 
Such a pretty pretty color. A pinkest touch to it plus it has flakes it in too. 




 You can buy your own at
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Till need time dearies!!!

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  1. Love this on you & I had to order it as well!! Such a pretty mani!!