Indigo Bananas Executive Transvestite

Well I was going to start this post out by saying that this was the last of the Eddie Izzard polishes that I bought from Indigo Bananas, but that would be a lie.  After I got done wearing this polish I couldn't resist the siren song of the other two so I bought them too.

I sent a message to Indigo Bananas and ordered Alcatraz and With A Spoon In It, so look for those in the future.  Shipping was super fast, and there was a super cute piece of candy in there as a treat too.

So...Executive Transvestite. Interesting name right?  Eddie Izzard explains it all in his stand up comedy routine and declares himself an Executive Transvestite.  The Indigo Bananas version of this translates to a beautiful gold holographic polish that is quite the stunner on the nail.

This is their description: Executive Transvestite is the flagship color in the Executive Holos collection, a collection inspired by the genius of the comedian Eddie Izzard. The polish is a gold linear holo foil (metallic and holo at the same time) with a scattering of small gold flakies throughout. 

 Let's see some pictures right???
These are three coats over one coat of Orly Bonder.  A quick dry top coat was used but I don't remember which one.  It was either HK Girl or Poshe

                                                          In the "light box"

Fluorescent lighting

                                                                       Sunshine!!!!  BLAM!

                                                       Macro all the things!!!!

Also, is this too many pictures? Or not enough?

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