Liquid Lacquer The Rain Song and Pink Elephant

Good Evening!

Just an FYI, I have started creating the rafflecopter for the 700 Follower Giveaway, I just need to get the pictures taken.  Until's the mani I currently am wearing.

Today's mani showcases two more Liquid Lacquer polishes.  In case you haven't figured it out, I have a thing for Melissa's creations.   They are never boring, run of the mill polishes.  Her stuff always has pizzaz .

I started this mani off with one coat of Orly Bonder and three coats of The Rain Song.  The Rain Song is a lovely turquoise polish that is slightly holographic.  It is so beautiful on its own.  I almost left it alone, but of course I couldn't help myself.  I had zero issue with application and so far it's also wearing great.  I am on day three wearing this and I have no chips or tip wear.

Ok let's take a look at The Rain Song by itself:

Now onto the glitter....on top of this I added two coats of Pink Elephant.  This polish is a glitter topper that consists of grey, white, black and pink squares and hexes in many shapes.  I adore this color combo.  I had a hard time deciding on what to put this on top of, it just looks good on top of everything.  

What do YOU think of this mani? Should I have left it alone or do you like to put glitter on everything too?

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  1. I love what tou did both are awesome but rhe second look gives that extra pzazzz! 💥