Elevation Polish Lake Achit

Hey hey!

I am so glad it's Friday, I can't wait to get the weekend started!!

I have a few last minute things that I need to get done before family comes in town, but it will all get done. No worries.
Famous last words I am sure.  I will report back on that. LOL

Today I have for you a beautiful polish from Elevation Polish.  I do have an Elevation Polish membership and this is the polish that I chose to purchase for the month.  When I saw all the new polishes that were coming up I knew that this one had to be mine.  It was blue and glittery. Plus, STARS!  I love shaped glitter, love love love it.

My biggest problem with this polish was deciding on what to wear it over.  I had so many looks running through my head.  I ended up settling on a nice nude polish so the glitter would be very visible.

I started with Orly Bonder, used two coats of Ulta Set the Nude, and then two coats of Lake Achit.
Of course I topped everything off with my lovely HK Girl.

Let's see it!

 In the sunlight!

To purchase Elevation Polish you can visit the shop: Elevation Polish
Lake Achit appears to be sold out at the moment but check back as she restocks often.

These polishes were all purchased by me!


  1. Thanks! It was even better in person...but then again most are. Sometimes a picture just doesn't cut it ;)