Forever Bubbles Lemongrass Soap

Today I have something a bit different.

Today I have the first in a series of posts about bath products.  I love all sorts of bath products, so girly and wonderful.  I can't get enough of Lush and their wonderful stuff. Also, when I go on vacation I can't resist going into Basin (a store that sells bath bombs, soaps, and the like) and coming out with a bag full.

So, when Ashley from Forever Polished sent out a call for bloggers to review the Forever Bubbles I had to throw my name into the hat. Luckily for me I got picked (yay!) and here I am to tell you about the first product that I tried.

There was a set of three soaps in my box, and since I have a love of lemon I picked the lemon one to use first.  In the picture it is the yellow soap with the curls poking out of the top.

Ok, so here is the review part.  I love it.  I have used it in the shower and even to shave.  It works wonderfully for both.  The lather on it is amazing.  Sometimes you think that since it's made by hand you aren't going to get that sudsy lather, not the case here.  The scent is not overpowering and it's actually quite a nice pick me up.  The scent doesn't linger on you after the shower and my skin felt nice afterwards.  Two thumbs up from this girl!  I figure if it can hold up to shaving and not give me a bad case of razor burn it's a keeper for me.

I like that there aren't a lot of chemicals or other additives to the soap, just glycerin and essential oils.
I have my eye on some other soaps in her shop. There are some robot ones that I know my son will love and there is this Raspberry Cherry soap that I can hear calling my name from here.

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****Product was provided to me for review, opinions are 100% my own!****


  1. Great review! The soap looks and sounds nice :)

  2. Oooh I LOVE bath and body products! I'm headed over to check out her products now. Robot ones?! SQUEAL!