Polish Addict Kiwi Glow

Happy Monday?

Well we don't say that too often now do we?  Everyone hates Monday, we all have to go back to work and all that jazz.

Well let's pep it up by looking at some polish, that sounds good I hope.

Today I have the second polish from Polish Addict that was sent for review.  This is my first ever glow in the dark polish.   I don't have any pictures of it glowing, but it sure did.  It was funny to be walking down my hallway seeing my nails glowing back at me.

If you check the Polish Addict store you can see a picture of it in all it's glowing glory.

Now let me be honest and say that the pictures below do not do this polish justice.  I chose poorly on the undies for this polish.  It still came out nice, so that's what I am posting this. BUT I think you could possibly get it better if something darker had been chosen.

I started out with my usual Orly Bonder and then I thought I would be so smart and use two coats of Sally Hansen White On as my base.  I figured that since this was a super sheer polish that I would give it something to make it pop.  Turns out that I should have used a light green or something as I topped White On with FOUR coats of Kiwi Glow.   Look for another update review featuring this polish over a green because I think I can do it better.

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So here it is!

So would you like to see this again?

****This polish was provided to me for review, all opinions are 100% my own****

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  1. It looks good! And I would love to see another post showing it again :)