Shimmer Jasmine

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Guess who got some Shimmer Polishes to review...THIS GIRL!

Today I am featuring the first of five polishes from Shimmer Polish that I so graciously received to review.
If you are new to Shimmer Polish let me share that all of the polish in her line are based on the important people in her life. Every bottle that I have seen is a GORGEOUS glitter bomb that always translates beautifully to the nail.  She even has a polish with my name on it. (Guess what, I have it and it will be up on here soon!)
First up is Jasmine, which is an aquamarine glitter polish that features red, blue, gold and orange glitter in it as well. It is such a complex polish.

For this mani I did my usual Orly Bonder then I used two coats of Pure Ice Playful Princess (from the Belle of the Ball collection) and then topped it with two coats of Jasmine.
Now, I could have stopped at one coat because the glitter payout is amazing, but I can't resist a lot of glitter so these are all with two coats.

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 Outside, it's so glowy!

***This polish was provided to me for review, all opinions are 100% my own****