Hit Polish Gemtastic

Yes two posts in one day!!!!

I have yet another Hit Polish mani for you.  I really hope that you aren't getting tired of these.  I still have a couple more that I still haven't shared. (Couple more HA, that's funny, I have a ton!)  Seriously these glitter combos are outstanding and now she's venturing into crelly and jelly polishes.  I already showed you Lullaby but I ordered more.   

Don't worry I will be sharing other polishes, so you won't be overwhelmed by Hit Polish.

I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this one because I used such a not me color as my base.  This is Anchors Away from their Ahoy There collection.  At least it was called Ahoy There at Rite Aid, I think it was called something else at other stores.  

I used Rejuvacote as my base and Glisten & Glow HK Girl as my top coat.  

You can find Hit Polish on Facebook: Hit Polish

Shop the Etsy store: Hit Polish
Or their store at www.hitpolish.com

****I bought this polish with my own money!!****