Indigo Bananas Alcatraz

Happy Hump Day!!!

You guys.  This polish.  GAH!!!!!
LOOK AT IT!  No really LOOK!
Behold....this is Indigo Bananas Alcatraz
Another polish based on the comedian Eddie Izzard
This is the description from Indigo Bananas:  Alcatraz is a seafoam / dusty mint green with a hint of teal linear holo with purple shimmer - the color of the ocean around the Rock on an average foggy day.
This is show with a base coat of Rejuvacote,  three coats of Alcatraz, and topped with HK Girl

I apologize in advance for the amount of pictures, but I couldn't narrow them down.
You don't mind right?

You can purchase these through Etsy 
Find their blog here: BLOG!

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****I purchased this with my own money!!!****


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love the holos from her they are amazing.
      Plus I love Eddie Izzard :)

  2. Duuuuuuuude, I need this in my life! Makes me wanna hold your fingers hostage til I get it :P

  3. just go need to buy some. Just do it