Minion Giveaway Time!!!!

Yay for Saturday!!!!!

Hello hello hello everybody, who's ready for another giveaway!

The lovely Babi over at ColorSutraa had a lovely idea for sharing her love of Gru's Minions.  She wanted to do a giveaway featuring mini items including your very own Minion.

I already ordered my mini polishes to give away and I have my Minion on hand.  Just need to get some candy and I will be good to go.

Here is the go enter!!
I will be participating in another couple giveaways soon.  Some blogger friends of mine are celebrating milestones and I always like to support them. So keep watching for more awesome stuff to win!

My prize will be US only unless you have someone in the US that acts as your recipient.  Once my prize leaves my post office it is beyond my control and I take zero responsibility for what happens after that.

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  1. Is this open internationally do you know? It's a bit ambiguous :/

    1. Thank you for noticing that. I have edited my post to say that mine is US only. I have contacted Babi about the rest of it. I will let you know what she says.

    2. I asked and yes the rest are open internationally unless otherwise noted.

    3. Huzzah, then I shall enter =)