Shimmer Cristina

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Good morning good morning!  

Today I have my last Shimmer polish that was sent to me for review.  I just love these glitter bombs!
You can use them as a topper on another polish or you can have full coverage in just a few coats.
I have opted for the full coverage route here.  

This is Cristina, she is billed as a forest green and fuchsia polish.  So pretty.  
Yes, this polish is green and it kinda feels like the holidays, but don't sell it short.  You can use this anytime and even pair it with something special to make it stand out.  

This is my new normal of Duri Rejuvacote base and HK Girl topcoat.

In sunlight!

As a side note, as I sit here and look at these pictures I realize that I am NOT happy with them.  I think I will need to redo this one. I figure I need to share the bad with the good so here it is.  I am keeping it real LOL

You can by this polish and many other wonderful creations at the Etsy shop: Shimmer
The retail for $12 a bottle

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****This polish was sent to me for review, opinions are 100% my own****


  1. This glitter is so dense along with everything from this indie brand. Its pretty! :)