Bath Time!!!! With Forever Bubbles!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Before I go into the particulars of todays post, I feel an apology is in order to Ashely of Forever Polished and Forever Bubbles.  I thought this post went live a couple weeks ago.  She graciously sent a box of items for me to review and I thought I had completed all of them.  However, when looking at my posts tonight it was not there.

Thankfully my pictures are still around, I just reedited them tonight and am presenting them to you. Again.  I swear sometimes the blogging app on my iPad is not the greatest.  I don't use it all the time, but when I try to it just messes things up.

Anywho....without further ado.....


Ashley sent two different types of bubble bars.  My only knowledge of these are from Lush and these are on par.  These are AWESOME!!!  Just crumble under running water and you are free to enjoy your bubbly bubbly bath.

The pink one was just so yummy smelling.  It's berry scented and I just wanted to lounge in my bubbles all night.

There was also a softer orange and yellow bubble bar in my box.  This one smelled like...well it's hard to's a nice clean not overpowering scent.  I thought it was going to be citrus based on the color but it's not.  Also, it looked yummy and I wanted to take a bite out of it.


The results of the bubble bars is GO BUY SOME!!!!! Like now!!!!

The last bath item was a bath bomb.  I buy these a lot.  I have some from Lush and some from a store called Basin.  Heck I even buy them for my son.  He loves his too.  So, I was pretty stoked to see one in there.  The one I was sent was the berry scent.  Berry is the best selling scent of Forever Bubbles.  Just toss this bad boy into your bath and let it fizz itself out into a wonderous bath time treat.

I really enjoyed marinating in my berry bath.

Kinda looks like the moon, but pink.

There are no pictures of the bath or me in the bath.  For one, nobody really want to see a tub with me in it.  Secondly, me anywhere near electronics is just asking for disaster.  I figured these items would be better served with a written review rather than a bunch of pictures.

All you bath loving ladies, please go try these.    Check out to grab yours.

Thanks again Ashley for all the goodies!

****These items were provided to me for free for my honest review!!****

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