I'm baaaaaack....

Hey there lovelies!

Did you miss me??? You probably didn't even know I was gone.
Well, I was.  I just got back from a glorious two week vacation in Florida.  I didn't make an announcement here because I don't like announcing to the world that I won't be home.

I did try to blog some while I was gone but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.
By the time we got back to the room at night I pretty much passed out.
I did my nails about three times while we were there so I have those to share too.

SO,  now that I am back I will get back into my regular blogging schedule.
I can't wait.

I had a TON of packages waiting on me when I got home.  So be on the lookout for more goodies.  I kinda went overboard shopping while on vacation.  I even bought some polishes from the Beautifully Disney line by Disney.

So I hope that explains my absence.  Let's get to showing off some pretty polishes.

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