Enchanted Polish A Little Fishy Told Me

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, mine was too short.  They seem to just FLY right on by these days.  

Today I am featuring Enchanted Polish A Little Fishy Told Me
This was a charity polish that people were able to pre-order.  The proceeds were to go to BASE Camp in honor of Talia.  

We were given a three hour window in which to order the polish and it was to be sent in about a month.
I gladly ordered the polish because money was going to go to charity and the polish was supposed to be a lovely mint holo.

The pictures below are what I got.  This is not a mint holo.  I am not blown away by this polish.  I don't feel that I got what was pictured.  I know a lot of people feel this way too.  Part of me wishes I would have just donated the price of the polish right to the charity.  People are selling them off right and left.  I know there are a lot of unhappy customers.  I won't go into details as to what was or wasn't said about it.  I just don't think we got what was promised.  My polish is more of a dusty smoky color.  Blah.

This is three coats A Little Fishy Told Me over a base of Rejuvacote and topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl.  

This polish did wear well on me, I was able to wear it for about three days with no chips or wear.

Enchanted restocks are pretty hairy and sell out in the blink of an eye.  Polishes are super hard to get.
I am not sure what the current retailers are, as the partnerships are being dropped left and right.

So go to Enchanted Polish for restocks!

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