I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop

Wow. It's Wednesday. I was thinking I had posted before now but when I looked my last one was Friday!
Sorry about that!

Today's feature is one of the multi chrome polishes that was available via pre order from I Love Nail Polish. 
There were four beautiful polishes available and I grabbed two. I really wish I had snagged the whole collection because these things are AMAZING!!!

This is Cygnus Loop and there was no way for me to catch all the colors in this. It shifted from purple, to amber, to a goldeny yellow. Man, so pretty. 

Shown below is three thin coats topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl Topcoat over Duri Rejuvacote. 
As a note, this polish was a bit thin for me. A lot of people have layered it over another color. So if you didn't want to do three coats, putting a coat over black is a good way to go.  I had no issues with application and it wore ok on me. I changed it out oater two days because I had some major tip wear. I think had I layered it I would have gotten more wear time out of it. 

I happen to be wearing the other polish I bought right now, so look for that one soon!

Ok excuse this crappy pic, but look at these colors!


Looks like this and the rest of the recent collection are available right now at http://www.ilnp.com
Do you like multi chromes?


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  1. I'm in love with this polish! It's so amazing!! The color shift is... I can't even describe it o.0