Mod Lacquer Imperial Serpent

It's Monday y'all!
Boo on that!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, it was a nice weekend here.  The weather wasn't all that great but it wasn't snowing so I consider that good.  It was also nice out on Halloween so my son didn't have to wear a winter coat over his costume so I consider that a success as well.

I have a new to me brand on the blog today.  I had been seeing a lot of lovely swatches on Instagram of Mod Lacquer polishes and they intrigued me enough to go make a purchase.  I bought three, two for me and one for a Christmas present.  That's right, I am already knocking presents off my list.
So this is the first one of the two I got for myself…. this is Imperial Serpent.  

I was drawn to this polish because it was purple and it had holo glitter in it.  I just can't pass that up.
This polish is on the sheer side so I should have used undies for it, but this is three coats I believe.
Rejuvacote as my base and there is no topcoat for this swatch. It is so beautiful, and look at that bottle too.  The rainbows!!!!!

All in all it was great, I just do recommend undies for this.  

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