Ellagee Magical Winter Holidays

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Happy Sunday evening everyone!

I hope that the weekend has treated you well!
I have had a good one, I didn't have to work so that always makes it a good one. Although working four hours on a Saturday once a month is nothing to complain about.

Todays post features three polishes from the Magical Winter Holidays collection from Ellagee.  I have previously purchased from Ellagee so I knew that these polishes were going to be outstanding. And they TOTALLY were.  They graciously allowed me to pick three polishes from the collection and honestly it was a very tough decision.  They all looked amazing.

So, let's see what I picked!

First up is the one that I was totally drawn to at first.  It was also the last one I put on, because I knew I wanted to wear this as a full mani. I have now been wearing it about three days and I have had no chips other than where my nail broke on the corner.
This is Ev'ryone Wishes For Silver and Gold.  This is silver and gold holo glitter in a sheer base.  Shown is two coats over OPI My Vampire Is Buff.  Topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.
Let me also note that I don't know why my hands look so red they weren't in real life, but the color is accurate on the polish.

Next is Festival Of Lights.  Here is the description straight from Ellagee "Festival Of Lights is a sheer shimmery base with blue and silver glitter in various shades, shapes and sizes. Inspired by the traditional colors of the celebration of Channukah."

I really wanted to do this over a darker color but I wanted something that would really make the colors in this polish POP so I chose to use the same OPI, My Vampire Is Buff, from my previous mani.  I think that my choice worked and you can really see all the different types of glitter.

Last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite of the trio, Countdown to 2014.  
This is her description "Countdown To 2014 is a brilliant silver holo with subtle hot pink, blurple, and silver microshimmer. Crazy scattered holo rainbow lusciousness in the sunshine, and gorgeous sparkly shimmer indoors" It's a holo, need I say more.  By now everyone probably knows I have a big thing for holographic polish.  I seriously could not stop staring at my nails.  Even at work.  This polish also caused me to do my first Instagram video because I wanted everyone to see the beauty in this polish. I could not capture the extra shimmer in there, but trust me it's there.  I could show you so many amazing pictures of this.  It was hard to narrow down.  This wore well for three days and I was sad to take it off.  I just know I am going to be giving it another spin here soon.  Two coats shown on it's own topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.  I tried to get the video on here but I can't outsmart it.  It is on my Instagram account of you want to see it.  

So there are my three polishes from the Ellagee Magical Winter Holidays collection.
These are limited edition so make sure you head over before the new year to get yours!

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****Polishes were provided free for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. I love the first one! It's so pretty layered over My Vampire Is Buff.

  2. Very nice! Love Festival of Lights.

  3. Oh the first one! It makes me want some eggnog!

  4. I'm loving the first color a lot but there all pretty.

  5. Thank you so much Jennifer! Eye popping photos! <3 <3 <3