Zoya Tomoko

Hey there!!!

I am once again am posting from my iPad so this has center justification on it. I cant outsmart it LOL!
I have had the longest most tiring week ever and now, I do believe my son is getting sick. So I apologize for being so quiet. I do have some exciting stuff that I hope I can get up this weekend. 

I am going to make this quick and easy. This is Zoya Tomoko, part of their Pixidust line. This is a champagne/ecru textured polish. It is so pretty. I wore this for about three days with no tip wear. These texture polishes wear forever on me. Especially the ones from Zoya.  I received this in my most recent beauty box from Allure. 

I have two coats of Tomoko over Duri Rejuvacote with no topcoat. 


You can find these and many other at www.zoya.com and many other retailers