Luscious Potion Fountain of Dreams

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

It's the end of the work week, do you have any big plans?  None here, we are going to go to a hockey game tomorrow but other than that…NOTHING. I hope to relax a little and spend some time with my little man.

So, here we are, the last of the Luscious Potions….what a sad day.  I will keep on the lookout for new collections from this brand because I am very impressed.  All of the polishes I have have applied well, been beautiful and work exceptionally well.  

This is Fountain of Dreams, a blue to silver thermal holographic polish.  It is blue when cold and silver when warm.  I will say that I had a hard time getting this to transition and stay that way.  It is no fault of the polish. I wore this when we were experiencing extremely cold weather, into the negative numbers.  So the minute I got it warm, my fingers were so cold it turned back.  

I have shown three thin coats of Fountain of Dreams topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.  As usual no issues with application.  Wear time was excellent.

So, that's the last of them.  Did these reviews make you think about getting some of your own? Did you purchase any? Please let me know!


  1. I just bought a few from Luscious Polish based on your manis!! Love the new layout btw!!