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Hi guys!

Happy Hump Day to you all!  How about a nice happy post to get your day started off!

I have something a tad bit different today and I am not sure how well it's going to go over.  So I am just going to go with it and trust that you will tell me if you like it or not.

I was recently sent three items from butter London from the Boho Rock collection that launched in January.  I was sent a nail polish, a tinted lip balm, and a cream eyeshadow.  Now I am mostly a nails only blog but I LOVE makeup.  SO I figured since they sent them I will put them on here.
I buy a fair amount of makeup but I don't regularly share it here.  I can if you don't mind.  Like I recently bought the Divergent makeup collection kit from Sephora and I am in LOVE!!!!

So let's do the nail polish first.  You know, since that's my thing :)

This is Keen.  Keen is the perfect peach polish for spring.  I wore this for days and it held on great.  No shimmer in this polish, or glitter.  Two coats topped with Rica's Glossy Glam.  I did not have any issues with application.  Generally I don't with any of my butter London and I have quite a few.  I am actually feeling the urge to go put it on again right now!
There are a total of six polishes in this collection, you can see them here: butterLondon Boho Rock polish I would love to get my hands on Lucy In The Sky!

How about we do the Lippy tinted balm next.  I was sent the color Mush.  It is also a peach/coral color.  But let's talk about what the product is.  It may look like a lipstick, but it's not.  It is semi sheer and truly is more like a lip balm in a lipstick shape.  It wasn't as drying as lipstick can be but it wasn't as sheer as lip balms can be. It's like a win win.  You can build this up as much as you want.  I am not good yet at taking photos of my face so with this we will get a hand swatch.  This color was a hit for me, I don't wear pinks or red.  I tend to lean toward the warmer darker shades, so while this is on the lighter side because it was a balm it worked well. Bear in mind because this isn't a lipstick that it's not going to hang around all day, keep it handy to reapply!
There were three tinted balms, and you can find them here

It did not come with the divot in it, I accidentally knocked it with the lid. D'oh!

This is multiple swipes on my bare hand.  You can see it's not full coverage but will be build able.

 Last is the eyeshadow.  This line is called Wink eyeshadow. This is a cream eyeshadow and comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator (like a lipgloss would).  Now let me say right now that this one is hands down the best I have come across.  I recently got one from another brand in an Ipsy bag and that one is junk compared to this one.  This color is called English Rose.  To me it's a dusty rose with a metallic finish.  It's not your traditional pink rose!  This is super creamy, blends out nicely and was a perfect shade for me.  There were four Boho Rock colors, see them all here.  I tend to stick to warm neutrals so this was just right.

 Close up of applicator

Swatch without blending

Swatch blended out

Loved them all!!!!!!!

Was it ok that I shared some makeup items with you? I would like to get better at taking pictures of the products on my face.  May have to enlist some help for that.  Don't know how those makeup bloggers do it!

I know I will have at least one more makeup post coming up in the near future but I am unsure what I will have after that.  As long as you guys don't hate them I can toss them in every once in a while, just as long as I don't bombard you with them!

You can buy butterLondon products online at Ulta  or butterLondon

****Product provided for review, all opinions are my own****


  1. There all very neutral and wearable shades!

  2. Thanks, I found them to be great for any time and any one