Chit chat and other stuff

So, I never got that second post up yesterday. I am going to post it today instead.

I have a couple questions for everyone, and I hope that everyone who reads will chime in with an opinion.  

How do you feel about giveaways???? Most people like them, I know I like entering.  I mean it usually takes only a few seconds and you have a chance at winning something cool.  I mean I always assume that I won't win, but you don't have a chance until you enter. 

How about giveaways that aren't centered around nail polish? Would you be ok with those?

I ask because sometimes bloggers get offered things to use in a giveaway that are not necessarily spot on with what they blog about.  Should I say no because it's not nail polish?

I would like your honest opinions on this.  Part of me says to say yes to them, because why shouldn't I give something away.  If it's awesome enough people won't care that it's not polish.

The second topic I have is press releases.  I often get press releases because I have signed up to get notified of upcoming collections.  Would you like to see them? I like seeing them because it gives me a heads up of what is about to come out and if I need to keep an eye out for something. Or if I need to set aside some money to buy something.

I would like to share them here but I would also like an honest answer about them.
I could do them on days that I don't usually schedule a polish review post.

So PLEASE, tell me how you feel!!


  1. I like giveaways, there fun to enter in my opinion. I'm also okay with giveaways that are not centered with nail polish too. Its always fun to see and try new things. It would be even better if you yourself tried whatever non nail polish item your giving away too so we know whether you like it or think would be great for someone else.

    As for press releases, I don't really care for them. I see them a lot of them in other blogs I follow but I usually skip over them. But if its something that really excites you, might as well share it with everyone :)

  2. I love giveaways and would enjoy more un polish related ones, as it seems they're everywhere lately. On the subject of press releases, I completely agree with Lisa N.