Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Part One

Press Sample

Hi there!
I hope your day and week are both going well.  I am not sure when this is going to go up as I am still sick.

Ok, so Sally Hansen...I own a LOT of them.  I mean more than my fair share.  I have the old Nail Prisms, the new Complete Salon Manicure, the Insta-Dris, and the Xtreme Wear. ( I think I even have some of the nail strips somewhere)  They are all great polishes and easily attainable for almost everyone.  An added bonus is that they are affordable. You can get them at drugstores and most mass merchandisers.  Plus there are often coupons out there for to make them even more affordable.

I was a lucky lucky girl and Sally Hansen sent me six of their new Insta-Dri polishes from there a recent collection (They started appearing in stores in March).  These are from the press release that I posted last week. Today I am going to share three of them with you and I will post the rest another day.

So let's get started!

First up is Sand Storm, this is two coats on it's own.  Two coats achieved perfect opacity.  This is a wonderful tan nude polish.  I can see myself using this on a LOT of manis as undies.  The formula on this one was great, no flooding.  The brush on all of these is amazing, it allows perfect control over the polish and you can paint a nail in minimal brush strokes.  However, let me make a side note here: The opening at the top of the bottle is horrible.  It is NOT big enough to easily get the brush in and out.  I have noticed this on other bottles, like from the Triple Shine line.  I griped about it then and I will now because it's the same situation.  Please Sally Hansen hear my plea...make the opening to the bottle bigger.

OMG y'all this color is pretty, but it made my hands look SO SO red. This is Chartreuse Chase.  If you are into shimmery greens then this is the color for you.  It is bright and cheery, just what you need to brighten up a day.  But, word to the wise, this is a THIN thin formula.  I used three coats in this picture and you can still see visible nail line.  Also, this one is not new and came out originally sometime in 2011.  

I did go online and compare my swatches and they are on par with others that I have seen.  

The last in this post is Go For Gold.  It is exactly as the name suggests, gold.  I love Golden- I from the Xtreme Wear line and I have shown it here on the blog on multiple occasions and these are very close in color.  I did a quick comparison pic on Instagram for a friend, and they are almost dupes.
So now you can chose from which formula you prefer for your gold polish.  I hear these stamp well so if you are a stamper this may be a good option for you for gold.  This is two coats with no topcoat.

Do you have any of these already?
How big is your Sally Hansen collection?
Come on tell me........ 

****The polishes were sent to me for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. What great shades here! I'm excited to see the others. Sadly, I only own a handful of Sally Hansen colors but I plan to get some more after I'm off my no buy.

  2. I own a lot of Sally Hansen... I'm afraid to count them, lol! Insta-Dri and Nail Prisms are my favourite lines. I love that gold! I wonder how it would stamp...