Foreign Focus Friday Dong Dong Number 12

Happy Friday!!!!!

How was everyone's week??  Mine was ok, went to the doctor because of a nagging cough and now I am on steroids.  Good times I tell ya!

Anyway, this week I have a foreign polish to show you, and it's even on time!!!!

Today I have a polish from a funny funny line of polish....the name of the brand is called Dong Dong.
The inner 13 year old in me cannot stop giggling.  I purchased this off of Ebay a couple years ago now,just because of the name of the brand. It was only a couple bucks. You order them based on the number of the color you want from a picture as they have no names.  This particular polish is from their Crystal Sand line (it just means it is textured) and is known as number 12.  

Number 12 is a silver textured polish which was easy to apply.  The cap is kind of awkward to hold but I was able to paint my nails just fine.  I applies two coats in the pictures below and I used two coats of Yellow Stopper (I am hoping to be able to peel this off tonight by using it.)

I love it!  It's already starting to chip off, thanks to the Yellow Stopper.  I have some new polishes to swatch so keep your eyes open for some upcoming reviews!!

Till next time!