Foreign Polish... A little bit late

Hey guys!!!

I know it's Sunday and things have been quiet on the blog for a few days.  But, my four year old son has been sick.  He is currently recovering from pneumonia and an ear infection.  Obviously, my first priority is him so my blogging took the back seat while I was taking care of him.

But I do have another foreign polish for you this week. I figured better late than never.

Today's polish is from Catrice.  This one is called Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! It is a deep dusty navy blue.  I used two coats of this and had no problems with application.  I probably could have gotten away with just one coat of it had I been a bit more careful with it.  But I always like to do at least two coats anyway.  Just a personal preference.  

For some reason my index finger looks like the polish is scratched, but it really isn't.  I don't know what happened to cause that in the photos.  

Like I previously mentioned, this is two coats of Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! over Duri Rejuvacote and I topped it with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.

There we have it :) 
I am going to try to get more posts up this week, I need to play catch up now!

Have you bought anything foreign lately???