Jior Couture Zodiac Collection Review

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Hi guys!!!   How's it going???? I have no complaints thus far, the weather is getting warmer and I am looking forward to packing those huge winter coats away until next winter.  However, I know that the minute I do, we are going to get some freak cold snap and I will need them out. I pack them away or no?

So, today's post is three new polishes from Jior Couture.  They have a new Zodiac collection coming out and they are holographic thermal!!!!   There are colors representing all the signs of the zodiac and even a glitter polish called Star Signs (and I hear it even glows in the dark!)

Jior Couture was gracious enough to send me three of these upcoming polishes and I have them for you today.

Side note: there is water on my hands in some of the pictures because I used hot or cold water to help show the polishes in their different thermal colors.

First up is Pisces.  Jior Couture says this is a yellow green to aqua green holo thermal.  There is some strong thermal shift in this one.  It is aqua green when it is cold and yellow green when it is warm.

The application was fine with this polish, just make sure you let your coats dry in between.  For the look below I used three thin coats of Pisces and topped it with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat.

My star sign is up next, this is Cancer the crab.  This one does not have the strongest shift of the collection, but it is the most holographic.   It is so amazing in person.    It is a dark silver when it's cold and shifts to a lighter silver when it is warm.  No issues with application on this one either! This is also three coats topped with HK Girl. 

I saved my personal favorite for last, even though it's not my sign.  This is Sagittarius, a purple to blue polish.  It's purple when cold and blue when warm.  And let me tell you, this baby SHIFTS!  I wore this for two days and I couldn't get enough of it.  It was like, if you look at me warmly I will turn blue.  Just amazing.  It was like I was walking around with perfect gradients all the time LOL.  

I used three thin coats of this topped by the usual coat of HK Girl.   I am telling you everyone needs this one in their collection.  As soon as it is available you should buy it (and maybe one or two more!)

That wraps up my review of the Zodiac collection I was sent. I was happy with all of them and think they are all beautiful.

 What do you think, would you want to buy your star sign?

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  1. Love the color changing aspects to them. So cool to see!

  2. Sagittarius really is gorgeous! Blue and purple looks so good together :)