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Hi guys!

I know it's Friday and I usually have a foreign polish to post but I was out of town this week for work and I haven't had a chance to do one.  I will pick it up again next week. Instead I am going to share some stuff I bought recently.

 I have another mini haul from ShopLately.  This time I snagged a polish and the item that had been on my wish list since the beginning. I kept one item and sent one back.  I purchased from two different shops on ShopLately.   I bought a polish from glint & gleam and a wallet from StyleGirl.

The polish I bought from glint & gleam was this Nyx polish in the shade Cloudy. This was also the item that I kept.  I am digging this, and it's perfect for my weather here.  Gray  (or grey whichever you prefer).   This was two coats of great coverage.  A note about glint & gleam, their shipping time was great and this polish came packaged EXTREMELY well.  It was wrapped in bubble wrap with a sticker with their logo on it sealing it up.  It was then placed inside a black velvet bag and then placed inside a branded box.  In addition to the polish there was an extra bag with a beaded bracelet in it.  Color me impressed with the care they used to pack up my item.

These pictures show Cloudy two coats over Orly Bonder and topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl. No complaints at all about the formula.

This is the free bracelet they included in my order.  Cute!

Let's move on to the other item.  As you figured this was the item that I sent back.  I was so unhappy with this item.  It was the first thing I had put on my wish list and I was SO excited to get.  In turn I was SO let down when I finally got it in the mail.  I ordered the Candy Colored Envelope Wallet Wristlet.  The pictures on the site made it look so cute. I was going to be able to stick my phone in there and my cash and cards and be set to go.  

When I received this in the mail I was disappointed from the beginning.  First, the outer packaging was so scratched up.  It was like someone had played hockey with it on the floor.   The item was moderately better.  The crown you see on the front was slightly scratched up and there appeared to be a stain on part of the zipper.  It felt flimsy and smelled terrible.  The space cut out for the phone felt like it was going to rip at any moment.  The flap felt like there was nothing in there but a tiny piece of cardboard.   I promptly requested a return form and sent it back.  But not before I grabbed these photos to show you.

Close up of the scratched crown.

The part where my thumb is had nothing in there.

That would be the cut out for your phone.

Sadly this product didn't work out for me.  I cannot answer for the rest of the products that they offer, the may be fantastic.  The only review on there was mine and no one else has offered up an opinion.

So that's my mini haul.  Hopefully I will be able to make another purchase once my return gets processed.  Not sure what to get next.  Any ideas?

If you want to sign up for ShopLately, here is my referral link ShopLately

****Items were purchased with credit provided to me from ShopLately, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. Nice grey polish! Sorry to see that the pouch arrived damaged like that. That's so sad to see :(

  2. Cue the sad trombone for that wallet. What a bummer!