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Hey hey hey!!!

Happy Monday to you!  I hope that you had a great weekend.  I got my hair cut, hung out with my family, and watched Frozen for the umpteenth time.  I really do love that movie so I don't mind rewatching it.

Today's post features three polishes from Sweet Heart Polish and their Super Fine collection.  The glitters in all of the polishes in the collection are super fine and they are all named after super fine men.

All of these can be opaque in two or three coats on their own, but I have layered all of these on top of another polish.

Also, this post is going to be picture heavy and I hope you don't mind.

First up is Adam. I just love me some Adam.  Who is your favorite Adam?  Mine is Adam Levine.  I just love him so much, especially the tattoos!  What were we talking about? Polish! That's right.  Adam, the polish, is purple and holographic micro glitter in a clear base.   I have one layer here shown over L.A. Girl Tart.  That's right, ONE LAYER!   The sparkle on these is amazing.  I just couldn't believe how sparkly it was with the one coat.  I have this topped with one coat of HK Girl from Glisten and Glow. I have it shown with black and white backgrounds.  The polish applied so well I didn't even have to do any clean up on it!

Next up is Joseph.  I personally don't have a Joseph on my list, but I do hear Joseph Gordon-Levitt 's name thrown around a lot.  When I think about him all I can think about is him on 3rd Rock From The Sun.  That Joseph doesn't appeal to me, though he has grown up quite nicely. LOL

Joseph is periwinkle and holographic micro glitter in a clear base.  Again with this one I have just one single coat of Joseph over L.A. Girl Deep Sea.   Easy application and I felt that no clean up was needed for this one.  I topped this as well with HK Girl from Glisten and Glow.  

The third and final polish I have from this collection is Liam.   Pick your Liam :)  I am going to go with Hemsworth and not that kid from One Direction.  Hemsworth is a cutie.  A bit young for my taste, but still handsome.  

Liam is a maroon and holographic micro glitter.  (Sweet Heart Polish describes this as berry colored) 
I have three coats of Liam over Maybelline Bare All.  I chose to do more layers over a neutral color to build it up.  I had no issues with application with this one either.  

All in all I loved this portion of the collection.  I would not hesitate to order more from the shop.  Actually I have my eye on some right now.  There is a Disney inspired line that is calling my name.  I swear slap the Disney name on it and I will just give you my money. There are also some stunning holos there as well.  If you have been following me for a while, you know I have a thing for holos.

The Super Fine collection is $9.00 per bottle (.5 oz)
They are big 5 free

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