Barielle Polishes Swatch and Review

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Hi guys!

I hope your week is going well.  Things are good here, soccer practice is still going on and the second game is this weekend.  Hope it goes better than the first one.  I am sure once the kids get the hang of the game it will get better.

So today I have a set of Barielle polishes that I was sent for review.   These are some of their most recent releases and I am in love with almost all of them. Almost all? Yep, there was one that I just did not care for.  (there was also a surprise hit in there that I wasn't expecting to love but did)

All of these applied beautifully, I was very impressed with them.  They also lasted for days.
I would highly recommend these to anyone (even the one I didn't like because just because I don't like a color doesn't mean someone else won't love it!)

Ok, let's dig in!  Also sorry this post is picture heavy but I really hope you don't mind.

Also, all of the photos below feature the polish on top of one of Barielle's base coats.  I was sent the Hydrating Ridge Filler and so far I am happy with how it is making my nails look.

First up is Sexy Mood, according to Barielle this is a muted magenta.  I can see it.  This one was by far my favorite color out of the group.  It is so me. I just felt like this color was made for me.  The pictures below show two coats of Sexy Mood topped with Glossy Glam from Rica.

Next up is My Week Away, which Barielle describes as a dusty pink.  To me it is so much more than that.  It has this golden shimmer to it that is so beautiful.  It has depth.  The pictures below are two coats of My Week Away topped with Glisten and Glow HK Girl.

Now, this is the one that I didn't personally care for.  BUT I have heard others raving about it.  This is Cream 'N Sugar.  I used three coats of this super sheer polish topped with HK Girl and you can still see through it.  Barielle describes this as a sheer soft beige.  Which is a perfect description.  Application was fine, no issues there. I just don't care for such sheer colors.  My nails are semi stained from polishes so perhaps I would like it better if they weren't discolored.  

This is First Class Ticket, which is described as a sky blue by Barielle.  It's more of a cornflower blue in person. I love this one too. But I love blue polishes so that's no surprise.  Two coats and topped with HK Girl. So pretty!!!!!!!

Lastly is Fire Me Up.  This is not a color I usually love, but this one? WOW! I loved it so much.  It is much much brighter in person.  Barielle describes this as a deep fiery bright orange.  Spot on, because this one is so bright. I almost felt like it was traffic cone orange.  But not quite.  Again this was two coats and I topped it with HK Girl.

I included this picture because it looked unique and I liked how it came out.

All in all I really really liked these polishes and I can't wait to see what they come out with next.
These retail for $8 each and I would not hesitate to spend that on additional colors.  
They also have a LOT of nail treatments available on their website, if you are having problem nails (like me with ridges) check out their line of treatments.

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****Polishes sent to me for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. These are such gorgeous cremes! I only own a few Barielle colors but I really like them a lot too.

  2. First Class Ticket is my favorite.