OPI Muppets World Tour plus Peel Off Base Coat Test

Hi there!

How's it going today? It's all good over here, I really don't have much to complain about.
I always try to be upbeat and happy.  Some days it's a struggle and some days it's not. But in general I just like to be happy I am able to get up and enjoy every day.

So, I love Muppets.  In fact, the first Muppet collection was the one that was my gateway polish into collecting polish and blogging and the whole polish world itself.  I had googled it to find out more info and I discovers the blog xsparkage and from there I found polish blogs.  I had no clue this stuff existed.  Fast forward a few years and here I am, with polish out the wazoo and a blog that I love to write on.  

When I heard they were releasing another Muppet collection I knew I was going to have to invest in some of them. Because...MUPPETS!!! I mean really.  So I snagged four of them (and I want the rest!)
I also had read about the Glitter Off base coat that is supposed to enable you to just peel your polish right off, which is especially handy when you are wearing glitter.  So I picked up a bottle of that as well.

So here is my test.  I did a mani featuring Muppets World Tour which is a glitter polish that is mainly silver glitter but there are loads of other colors in there as well.  I really packed on the coats for this one.  What you see in the photos is three coats.  I used the Glitter Off as my base coat and made sure it was dry before I starting applying the polish.  

I wore the polish to work like normal, the mani did not make it one full day.  It chipped while I was at work.  Now this could be a combo of the base coat plus too may coats of polish so I am going to have to retest that out.  
That night I knew I was going to try to remove it by peeling it off.  I read somewhere to try to run it under hot water to help it come off so I tried that before  I attempted to peel it off.  As you can see in the last picture it came off, but not in sheets like I was hoping for.  It was kinda hard to get off. 
I mean it did peel off, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't like I thought it was going to be.
It did give me a couple peely spots on a few nails but the rest were fine.

The polish itself was pretty but I don't recommend spending that kind of money on the peel off base coat.  You could use the glue base method for much less money or even go buy a bottle of Yellow Stopper and use that as a base and get better results.

Have you bought Glitter Off?  If you did please let me know what you thought of it!!!

p.s. Foreign Friday is on hiatus while I get caught up on things.  I do have some new pretties from England that I want to share but I have other stuff to show you first!!!!

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  1. Love how sparkly that polish is. Nice to see that the peel off base works too.