Sally Hansen Moroccan Express

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Hi there!

So recently I was notified of three new collections from Sally Hansen and was sent the press releases for them. I could not get them to work on my computer for some unknown reason.  They just fought me so much.  I figured that people didn't much like reading them anyway and that people would MUCH prefer to see swatches, so I have decided to just SHOW you the collections.  (If people want to see the press releases I will attempt to outsmart my computer again and get them up)

Ok, so this is the Moroccan Express collection from Sally Hansen.  This collection is made up of six polishes and is in their Insta Dri formulation. They retail for $4.99 and should be available now.

In all of these pictures the base coat was Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler and the top coat was Glisten and Glow HK Girl. I figured it was easier to just say it now once so I didn't have to type it over and over.

First up is Pep In Your Step. This is a nice deep purple.  I used two coats in these pictures. I love purples so of course I had to try this one on first.  I actually wore this for a few days and ti wore amazingly well.

This is Sumac Sonic, another polish that I was able to wear for a couple days.  I  had no issues with wear time on this one either.  This is a nice bright deep pink.  Like it is on the Barbie pink side.  I used two coats for this one as well.

This is Moracc-go. In the bottle this appeared to be a oddly colored brown, but once on the nail it was actually a nice deep terra cotta brick color. It's not something I see myself wearing for an extended time but it was quite nice on.

BLAM! This is Sizzlin' Saffron.  Is it burning your retinas yet? This is a super bright yellow polish.  I was VERY impressed with the formula on this one.  We all know that yellows tend to be difficult, but Sally Hansen got this right. I used only two coats for these photos.

Next up is Surspice! Two coats of this slightly brown tinged red was all I needed.  This polish reminds me of a deep tomato maybe.  No matter cause it's really pretty. I have surprisingly been loving red and oranges lately so this one may way it's way back on my nails soon!

Last up is Poppin' Paprika.  Two coats was all I needed for this one too.  This is a reddish orange, heavy on the orange side and light on the red. Again, I am digging the boldness in this.  Will probably be busting this one out again as well.

I was impressed with all of these, and was surprised with how well I liked some of them. I mean I knew I was going to love the purple but those reddish ones really got me.
Are you a fan of the Insta Dri line and are you going to grab any of these?

I have TWO more collections to show you so stay tuned!!!

You can find these at most popular mass retailers.

****Polishes were provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. That purple!!!! I'm in love!

  2. That purple!!!! I'm in love!

  3. Some very nice cremes here! I like Pep In Your Step a lot.

  4. Yes, swatches are much better than press releases. :) SH has been pumping out so much new stuff this year that it's hard to even keep track.

    1. I like swatches better too, they HAVE been putting out so much. I can't even keep up!!!

  5. Moracc-Go just looks amazing. I love browns.