Sally Hansen Passport To Rio Collection

Press Sample

Hey there!!!!

It's the end of the work week for most people, and it was short week to boot. Did you have a good week?  I am ready for the weekend.  For sure.

So the other day I mentioned swatches instead of press releases so today I have another new this month collection from Sally Hansen.  This is in the Xtreme Wear line and it is called the Passport To Rio collection.  This collection is made up of 8 glitter toppers (I have seven of them) .  They will retail for $2.99 each so they are super affordable.    Each bottle is full of hex glitter in a clear base in a variety of colors.

I chose to swatch all of these over a neutral base so you can really see the glitter.  All of these will be shown over OPI My Vampire Is Buff.  I used two coats of that.  There are a LOT of glitter in these bottles, at least it appears that way to me.  However, I did need to fish it out.  I found that if I got some on the brush and brushed it against the side of the bottle neck and then scooped out the glitter, that worked the best.  Otherwise, you will only get a little bit of glitter and a lot of base.

Also you need to be careful with how thick you apply the polish.  It will bubble on you.  I tried to apply them as thin as possible and I got bubbling on all of them.  I consider myself to be pretty good at painting my nails.  I've had a lot of practice, I think.  Yet I couldn't get the bubbles to not form.

I used Barielle's Hydrating Ridge Filler and I topped them all with Glisten and Glow HK Girl. One coat of base, two coats of My Vampire Is Buff, two coats of the glitter and one coat of topcoat.  These were not at all bumpy by the way.  You know how some glitters can get, the ones that need a lot of topcoat to be flat.  This wasn't the case with these.  On to the pics... (I also doubled these up so it's two polishes per swatch, except for the last one)

The first set up is the combo of Tidal Rave and Beach Ball.  Tidal Rave (on index and pinky) consists of light blue, dark blue and black glitters. Beach Ball (on middle and ring) is a nice mix of red, white and blue.

The next combo is Fiesta and Copa-Banana. Fiesta (on index and pinky) is a mix of black, white and red.  Copa-Banana (on middle and ring) is a mix of yellow, green and black. I was surprised at the green in Copa-Banana, I wasn't expecting it to be in there! Also, I just love that name.

The next duo up is Splash and Fruit-ta-ta. Splash (on index and pinky) is a mix of  light blue, dark blue and white.  Fruit-ta-ta (on middle and ring) is a mix of pink, red, white and black.

Lastly, and my favorite, is Carnival. This is taking every color from the previous mentioned polishes and mixing them all together in one bottle!! I just adored this one.

Ta da!  That is almost the whole Passport To Rio.  I am missing Samba, an all green glitter mix.
If you decide to get any of these (the price is right!!) let me know what you think!!!

You can find these at mass merchandisers such as Walgreens and Rite Aid!

****Items were provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. These are some fun glitters. Kind of sucks to hear that they bubbled but other than that, these are something I would pick up.

    1. For the price, they are great. You just have to work with them

  2. to avoid the bubbling and having to fish out the glitters I would just use the sponging method. I usually do that for stubborn glitter. just brush some onto a make up sponge and then sponge on your leaves behind all the bubbling base and only gives u the glitter u want :)

    1. That's a great idea and I never thought of that. Maybe I will try them using that method! Thanks

  3. Ahhh! Carnival is definitely my favorite!