Emerald & Ash Life In Color Collection Swatches and Review

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Hey there!  Let's get this blog back on track. Ok? Sounds like a plan to me.
So let's get going with another post.  I am super determined to get my mojo back.  What's your favorite way to get back in the swing of things?

Well to pep things up a bit how about a new brand? Well a new to me brand anyway.  I had often seen Emerald & Ash here and there but had never actually purchased from them.  They had a blogger call and I applied, I was lucky enough to receive three polishes and one cuticle oil from them to review from their newest collection.

The Life in Color collection consists of 14 polishes and their inspiration was their love of color.  They named them all fun names with a couple that had dear meaning to them. Like I just mentioned before, I only have three but I HIGHLY suggest checking them out to see the other colors.  They are so much fun.   They also sent along some cuticle oil in their scent of the month for July, Fresh Cut Grass.  I am still using it and testing it out so look for a review of that in the future.

I will be using Emerald & Ash's descriptions for these colors.

The first polish that I used was Water Bay. "Water Bay ($9.50): This name invokes memories of our first trip together down to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. We figured why not name it after the breathtaking bay we stayed on. Laughter then ensued when we realized that we stayed on the most lazily named bay ever. Water Bay. Whatever, it still works. Water Bay is a pool blue foil that has a pop of holo hiding in it that’s just waiting for the sun. Much like the way that the tropical waters shimmered as the sun hit it. Full coverage in two coats."

This polish was so stunningly beautiful in person.  In pictures it is beautiful as well, but the photos don't capture the bright blue beauty of this.  This is two coats and it is topped with Glossy Glam from Rica. Application was great and I had no issues.

Next is Magic Bananas, that name just makes me giggle.  "Magic Bananas! ($9.00): Who doesn’t like magic bananas!? We sure love them around here, especially when used as an exclamation! It’s a phrase used so much around here that we had to make this yellow and green all flakie polish that has a hint of gun metal flakies - you know...for those bruises that pop up on your bananas, no matter how magical they are. This can easily be a full coverage flakie in 2-3 coats, but you can always uses it as a topper if that tickles your fancy. "

This one had this amazing gold shimmer to it. Especially in the sun. I was mesmerized by it at dinner when the sun would catch it. These swatches also only needed two coats and it is topped with Glossy Glam by Rica.

Last up is Titty Sprinkles. Yes you read that right, but no worries there is a funny explanation for it.
"Titty Sprinkles ($9.00): Based on a recurring joke about everything I own, including my own lady lumps, being covered in a fine dust of glitter, shimmer and sparkle at any given time. We can now proudly say that shimmer and sparkle has been bottled (no titties have been harmed in the making of this polish)! This is a flakie extravaganza polish that can be full coverage in 2-3 coats or used as a topper. Filled with yellow, bright blue, hot pink and white micro flakies. Once on the nail you will never know what color it really is. Is it silver? Is it blue? Is it light pink? This is a polish that clearly does what it wants!"

Oh that description is so so true. On the nail it looked so purple but then I took the pictures and it wasn't the same!!!! You can really see it glowing all the colors they mentioned. So pretty! This is two coats and it is also topped with Glossy Glam from Rica.

Those are my three polishes from the Life In Color collection from Emerald & Ash.  I liked them so much!!! I have no complaints about them and wouldn't hesitate to buy from them.  
What do you think? Did you check out the other colors?

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****Polishes were provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. Liking how shimmery and shiny these shades are. Great swatches too!

  2. I love those microglitter shimmers! They look gorgeous!