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Hey there!!!!! It's Friday!!!  We all made it through another week.  I do have to work in the morning but that's ok.  It's only four hours, I can handle it.  

I know I don't usually do any nail art.  I am just not that talented.  It's true.  Paper crafts yes, nail art, no.  However, I have heard that nail vinyls are a great way to achieve a fantastic nail art look without breaking out your paints and brushes (and the screaming and the hair pulling that I would do when I attempted that method!)

Luckily for me Neverland Lacquers was kind enough to send me some nail stencils to try out.  Neverland Lacquers has a wide range of both polishes and vinyls.  She sent me a great assortment of stencils.  

First up is a combo of full nail stencils and some smaller ones.  I used the Beach Designs set to create this look.  You can find them here: Beach Designs.  I used all colors that reminded me of the beach.  I did a nice pale orange as the base and once that was completely dry (and I do mean completely) I placed the desired stencils where I wanted them and then painted two coats of the chosen color over top.  I peeled off the stencils before it had time to dry.  I topped these with HK Girl from Glisten and Glow.

The second mani I did featured the Chevron stencils.  Man did I love this mani.  I put this on Monday night and I took it off Thursday night, but only because I got a chip in my thumb when I was opening a box.  Same method as before, I painted my nails and waited for them to be completely dry.  I applied the stencils where I wanted them, then I painted two coats of the gold polish.  

These stencils were incredibly easy to use. I did the chevron mani on my right hand with no issues, it looked perfect.  I see a couple more stencils that I want to buy that are Disney themed.  I enjoy going to Disney World so these are going to be perfect for my next trip.  She did send a Mickey set,but I am holding on to those for a special day.  Don't worry, I will share :)

I highly recommend using these to help create your next nail are mani  I just loved them so much.
Added bonus? They are so inexpensive!!!! For just $4 you can get a set of 100 of those chevrons!!
Go buy some! Now!

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  1. Both manicures look good! I love the first one a lot.

  2. Those look great! I may not be doomed to single-color nails after all :)