Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Part Two

Press Sample how was my next class.... Well I was supposed to publish this LAST night but fell asleep LOL It was a LOT of pull ups last night. And arm work.  I am probably not going to be able to type tomorrow.

Since that is done and over with, let's show you the other half of the Color Frenzy collection.  Four more glitter toppers!  Again these are all over white (White On by Sally Hansen) with no topcoat.  While the bottle says texture, there isn't texture to the polishes themselves.

This is Sea Salt and Spark & Pepper.  I have Sea Salt on index and pinky and Spark & Pepper on middle and ring fingers.  Sea Salt is blue and lime green (I know! I was surprised too!) micro glitter with holo shards in it.  Beware that some of the shards may be large.  Spark & Pepper is black and white micro glitter, holo shards, and black bar glitter.  Spark & Pepper was another one of my favorites.  So glittery and sparkly.

I used two coats on each swatch.  There were no issues getting glitter out.  Not too much bubbling on these either.

The last duo I have for you is Paint Party and Candy Drops.  I have Paint Party on index and pinky and Candy Drops on middle and index.  Paint Party is peach, green and blue hex glitter and bar glitter.  Candy Drops is pink bar glitter and pink hex glitter in different sizes with some holo micro glitter thrown in there as well.

I used two coats here as well.  No issues getting the polish out of the bottle.  Which is always a plus.  Bubbling was minimal.

Again I am very impressed with this collection.  It's something different. You don't see a lot of mainstream companies mixing up with glitter like this.

Would you wear any of them?
What is your take on the indie influence?

You can find these at your local major retailer

****Polishes were provided for review, all opinions are 100% my own****


  1. Great swatches! I really like Paint Party and Candy Drops.

  2. These are really nice! Especially the Candy Drops it's so cute :D

    1. Thank you :) I liked how it wasn't overpowering

  3. Sea Salt looks great!

    1. Thanks! That was the first one I was drawn too :)