Zoya Naturel Deux Part Two

Press Sample

TA DA!!!!!
Here is the second half of the Naturel Deux collection.  Three more lovely neutral shades.

Again I will be using the descriptions from Zoya's website.

This is Spencer, a "full coverage rich camel cream".  It's a nice tan.  I think it's a bit too light for my skin tone.  But's it's really pretty.  I used two coats here and topped it with Glossy Glam.

Next is Marnie.  Marnie is a "full coverage deep warm plum cream". This polish makes me think of fall.  It's that shade of deep wine that makes me think of the leaves turning.  I used two coats and topped it with Glossy Glam.

Lastly, this is Chanelle. Chanelle is "a full coverage toasted almond cream".  Not my most favorite of the bunch, but it is a nice neutral shade.  I used two coats and topped it with Glossy Glam.  

What do you think of this collection now that you have seen them all?

I love the warm purple tones and not so much on the browns.  But in my opinion it's a great collection of neutrals.

Check out www.zoya.com to purchase yours!

****Polishes sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own****

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  1. I like this collection! It seems very wearable to me and its always nice to have deeper tones of browns on hand too.